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How to earn Rewards

1. Create an account and start uploading videos. Make sure that you are signed into your account so we can track your views.

2. Promote and spread your video links as much as possible, More views = More money.

3. You will then start collecting points for each view of your video. Each view worth a certain number of points according to the downloader's geographic location.

4. At the end of each month the collected points are converted to thier cash value and will be marked as pending for payment. Payments are made on NET 30 basis. All the money that you earned during August, will be paid on October, 1th.

5. You can request payout anytime , if your account balance reached or over 200$.

Important! All views are reported in REAL TIME, No Delays, No "Traffic Shaving".

You will be able to track your points under "Stats" panel.

Downloder Location Tier 1 Countries Tier 2 Countries Other Countries
You Earn 3 Points/Download ($3 per 1,000 downloads) 2 Points/Download ($2 per 1,000 downloads) 0.5 Point/Download ($0.5 per 1,000 downloads)


Tier 1 Countries Tier 2 Countries
USA, Canada, United Kingdom

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland ,Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria,  Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece,  Ireland, Poland, Australia, and Japan.




  1. You must not try to manipulate your earnings/views statistics or you will be disqualified and banned. Only unique completed views are counted.
  2. Shared accounts are immediately closed without warning.
  3. Payments are made via our Pre-Paid MasterCard* or by ACH/Wire Transfer or powered by Payza.
  4. Payments are made on NET 30 basis. All the money that you earned during August, will be paid on October, 1th (for example).
  5. Do not cheat! Abusing the rewards system will lead to permanent ban!
  6. Minimum payout amount is $100.
  7. We reserve the right to modify the Rewards program at any time without perior notice.


Tips To Increase Your Earnings

Upload as many videos as you want!

Watch how your paycheck grows in real time :)Promote your videos on forums, blogs, groups and to your friends!